How To Unlock Your Door

Before Calling A Locksmith you can try this

if you locked yourself out of your house or car
you can try these steps it’s not guaranteed to work
but its always free to try.


the first thing you can do if you locked your house try
tacking a regular card, like visa or an ID card you have
slide it between the door and the panel this method will only
work on doorknobs, you need to hit the latch and it will work.

the second thing you can this will damage the lock take a flat
screw driver hit it with a hummer in whole and try to turn the lock
this works the best

to get your car opened you can take a hanger and try pushing the buttons
or moving the handle if you tried all of these steps try
to see if the window or the back door is open

this is all you can do if none of that helped then you need to call a locksmith
company make sure when you call them you ask them for a price
some locksmith company’s could be very expensive and not honest
this is one locksmith company that i know that provide a good service
but only in Colorado